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Excellent STEM website: Teachers Domain: WGBH PBS Boston & NOVA

Excellent STEM website: Teachers Domain: WGBH PBS Boston & NOVA

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Hello Colleagues, The previous 2 STEM websites I mentioned "Siemens STEM Academy" and "SCRATCH" student-video-creation STEM website are both excellent, but as I mentioned they are "works-in-progress"... The website listed here now (which has recently been updated...) is by far one of the best STEM Portals on the internet: "Teachers Domain" -- Digital Media for the Classroom and Professional Development. Created by two of the Best PBS Units running!!! WGBH Boston (the PBS Boston Network Television Station) and NOVA (the foremost Science Television Program) "Teachers Domain" is an official "Pathways Portal to the National Science Digital Library" and has major funding by the National Science Foundation. They also just started a wonderful new NOVA "Spark" Educator STEM (email) Newsletter, which I just received in my email account. The current issue has a wonderful Graphic Interactive "Classroom-Ready" Learning Unit on the "Physics (Math & Science) of Snowflakes" Here is the direct link to it: I am already a member of Teachers Domain (it is free to sign-up), So I have immediate access to it... You may have to join "Teachers Domain" first...I don't know the procedural rules... but do what you have to do to join "Teachers Domain" is one of the best most-practical Classroom New Media Resources running...and free... If you do get to the Snowflakes Unit (perfect timing for winter :-) there is an advanced Teachers Guide Text on the right side of the page: Background Essay, Discussion Questions, and Standards. But the Vocabulary is definitely advanced: "covalent bonding", "nucleation of crystals", "crystalline solids", "hexagonal prisms" etc. The better (for most classrooms) Unit Resource is the Blue Colored Graphic Interactive Media Box on the top left of the page: student and teacher friendly pictures that are much easier to learn from; you can view and/or download the 1.7MB file...this includes cool time-lapse photos of snow crystals actually growing/forming before your (close-up magnification :-) eyes!!! Now you're ready for Winter in STEM style... Allen

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