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Downloadable Power Points & Thank You

Downloadable Power Points & Thank You

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First I want to Thank Edutopia members for checking out the articles on my ScienceGuy Org website, I noticed that much of the traffic to the website comes from Edutopia. For most of my articles I have made a Power Point version available, it doesn't appear that many people download the Power Point version. I thought it was a good idea because a teacher could easily modify the presentation for their needs. There are a good number of downloads from SlideWorld and Slide Share so I will continue to create the Power Points but otherwise I would question the effort. Bill Kuhl

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Ira Schwartz's picture
Ira Schwartz
Former Technology Education Supervisor, Now a volunteer consultant in NM

While observing the increasing interest in STEM nationally, mostly what I have seen in practice and at conferences is SteM. In other words, little attention to the technical courses and programs that use math and science in practical real world ways.

Don Morgan's picture
Don Morgan
Georgia High School Engineering & Technology teacher

I agree. It seems like STEM is just another way "educators" use to describe Science & Math.We are not a) the enemy. b)a foreign language. E&T teachers can be academic teachers best friend when utilized correctly. We put the theory into practice in real-world situations. Last year, I was invited to present our Electrathon electric vehicle at an EdTech expo. There were no Middle or High schools represented, the students were Elementary age & all other presenters were focused on that age group. The students were interested but the concepts were so far above them,I feel that I didn't connect at all. We(E&Tteachers & programs) need to be introduced to younger audiences before they get turned off by simple facts & figuers without practical aspects.

Bill Kuhl's picture

That is interesting and sad also. One would have to wonder if with more hands-on projects in high school if the drop-out rate could be improved any.

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