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The real problem with education, shown in its truest forms, in Atlanta.

The real problem with education, shown in its truest forms, in Atlanta.

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Bob Charles's picture
Bob Charles
I am in search of definitions for "Quality Eduction" and "Great School".

What is the incentive to cheat? Plenty! CRCT scores are Georgia's main academic measure of proficiency. Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner explain how test cheating of this type works in "Freakonmics", 2009.

Bringing in an Electrical Engineer is a really good idea. Engineers are natural problem solvers. It doesn't matter what the system, they can check it out. They are self learners and pay attention to details. He is not there to solve education problems he is there to examine a flawed system. When he needs to solve education issues he can get help or move on. Besides, the person(s) he is replacing knew about education. That didn't help anything.

Teachers and administrators erased wrong answers and marked the correct answers on many tests. One grade school had an average or 27 of 70 answers changed per student! So the evidence is very physical. 1

The reason the incentive is so strong is because Georgia and the rest of the country's academic standards are all based on some common bar every student must jump over. It is a fact that distressed socio-economic factors make it impossible for many APS students to jump over the bar. I do not blame the teachers for cheating. They have a choice between two evils.

The answer is individual standard levels for each student based on their tested capability. The students', teachers' and schools' performance should be assessed on how close the students are to meeting their individual capability.

I would not be surprised, if APS were measured by the individual capability standards, that they would turn out to be excellent. I am convinced that teachers try harder under the conditions in APS. And the kids are doing their best in spite of their environment.

What a since of accomplishment it would be for the students and teachers to be given a fair appraisal of their efforts!.

[1] Atlanta Journal Constitution article -

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