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The Learning Revolution!

The Learning Revolution!

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Hello all, I am in the early phases of a localized grassroots movement to change our system. The district I am currently interested in actually scores fairly well on standarized tests, but we all know the tests mean very little. I am just posting to get ideas on making this happen. I am a member of Mom Congress and am following the steps laid out to make real change in public schools from lunches to playground equipment. The checklist contains key components in having a real chance to make a change, such as research, gathering support, lobbying and so forth. My research has led me to many blogs and sites. I am hoping this blog can give some real insight on making a change in our system. Thank you all for your time and look forward to any responses.

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Hubert V. Yee's picture
Hubert V. Yee
social media and marketing manager of startup

Hi Joseph,

It's great that you are involved in the "learning revolution." Have you thought of running for an education commission in your school district? Also being involved in PTAs and local nonprofits who engage in the realm of education are great ways to impact the lives of educators and students. What do you think about these opportunities?

Katherine Judd's picture
Katherine Judd
College writing and communications teacher

I think it great you are wanting to assist in a very necessary reform!If I may make a suggestion, while researching and gathering support is always good, with what specifically do you want to involve yourself? Curriculum? Teacher evaluation? School programs? Educational funding? Localized involvement of the community? Volunteers to provide their experience to students? Education reform is a HUGE and rather vague subject, in which you have lost yourself despite the research you've done. As I teach my students, you must narrow your topic to something manageable. Choose an area of reform you strongly feel needs reform and focus your research and efforts on that one thing. You will find a greater fund of information and will be able to present your concerns more clearly to whatever organization you choose to approach. Simply joining an orgainzation shows your willingness to commit but does not define that committment in any specific area. You probably have some excellent ideas to present. Organize those ideas into their specific areas, and you will become a force in your community! :)

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