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Race to Nowhere, a film by Vicki Abeles

Race to Nowhere, a film by Vicki Abeles

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This documentary film addresses issues of reform from the perspective of a parent who has recognized the stressful nature of the system. It's hard to sum up the film briefly, but it hits on many of the themes that are being studied on Edutopia. One central thesis is the idea that students who follow the recommendations of teachers, counselors, and admissions personnel are working to prepare themselves for nothing more than college application. They aren't being well prepared for college, or for life. They explore the idea that focusing on testing makes it nearly impossible to help students learn to think divergently and learn to solve problems confidently. One featured story involves a committed teacher who finally left the profession in frustration over the differences between what she felt her students needed to know, and what her administration compelled her to teach. It's a moving film dedicated to the memory of a 13 year old girl, a committed and creative student, who became a victim of suicide after being unable to meet her own expectations as a student. Has anyone else seen the film? MK

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Katherine Judd's picture
Katherine Judd
College writing and communications teacher

I haven't seen or even heard of this film, but I shall look for it!

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