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The Future of Ed

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I've been asked to speak to a group concerning "the future of education." Given that I think future ed will be characterized by the use of technology and collaboration, it seems right to ask for thoughts in this forum. So, thoughts on "the future of education?" What it might be? What it should be? I should note in advance that any ideas utilized in my presentation will be attributed to their source.

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Rebecca Alber's picture
Rebecca Alber
Edutopia Consulting Editor

Hi Thomas,

If you have not yet, and if I may suggest, I think it'd be worthwhile for you to explore 21st century skills and learning.

Check out this recent Edutopia blog post.

Also, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills has many online resources to offer here.

Good luck!
Rebecca Alber

Allen Berg's picture
Allen Berg
curriculum and projects learning centers

Howdy Folks,

Just to stir the pot a little, I thought I would share a link from today's New York Times Online (my hometown newspaper that I started reading since 5th grade in wonderful Mr. Alstrom's classroom :-) and daily "what's happening" headline-checker all my years in California

Just a couple of quick notes:

1. $45 million dollar research study of "The Obvious"...that's one reason I left teaching Sociology at a Boston University over 35 years I could start teaching "learning" in public schools... :-)

2. And there is an Ancient Chinese Proverb (there are lots of Ancient Chinese Proverbs :-) that has a concise epiphany, useful to understanding the benefits of PBL (Projects-Based Learning) which is a foundation block of "Reform Starts Here":

"I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand."

enuf sEd-"U-Can"-tion:

Do, Make, Be an artist, mathematician, scientist, musician,
writer, architect, engineer, peacemaker, pot-boiler/cooker,
cleaner, organizer, community participater, learner, visioneer,
caretaker of wonder...

Allen Berg

Katherine Judd's picture
Katherine Judd
College writing and communications teacher

I may be out on a limb here, but can we really discard education's past simply because technology is here for the future? I blend past educational techniques (like...*gasp*...memorization!) with today's technology to show students that the past DOES contain some timeless and useful techniques. Too many students today think technology will do it all FOR them. So, from me, could you think about what used to work, and may still work, in connection with education's future? I incorporate game show quizzes, live debates, and poster assignments into projects involving English and writing. Could not the same be done in other subjects, like math and science?

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