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Cash starved schools sell souls for bowl of pottage

Cash starved schools sell souls for bowl of pottage

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Well, it seems the spirit of the times is for cash-strapped schools and school districts to try to jump on the Federal 'Race to the Bottom' moneywagon hoping to get a small piece of the Federal $4.3 billion to keep them afloat for another school year. Hopefully we will see through the ploy of Washington DC and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan leveraging a bit of Federal money to gain full control of the public schools in America. Federal money is less than 8% of the average school district's budget, yet the Feds are going to leverage that money to gain eventually 100% control of the public schools. Talk about top-down-reform and the tail wagging the proverbial dog --- this is a classic case in motion. Colorado is in dire financial shape. Our small rural school distict has to cut 10% out of its budget this coming school year, and the forecast is that all schools in Colorado will be cut a total of 20% to 25% of their budgets within 4 years -- yet, all schools are still expected to provide a world-class education and to meet all the Federal and State of Colorado mandates with less and less money. Only the banks and auto industry and a few 'fair-haired' children seem to get quick, massive infusion of money. ARRA funds are running out. Where is the life line for schools? Are other States fairing the foul weather financial storm and the Federal grab for power over local schools better than Colorado schools? Short term money vs long term mandates ....

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