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Idea for Force and Motion - Mousetrap Cars

Idea for Force and Motion - Mousetrap Cars

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I just completed a web article on mousetrap cars, that discusses kits that are available and introduces the car I built from bamboo, cottage cheese lids, and coat hanger wire. It also ties into some real world applications. Bill Kuhl

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Bill Kuhl's picture

I have noticed a good number of views to this article lately on my website from Edutopia, Thank You! It quickly surpassed the model solar car article but water rockets are still on top.

MisterLoftcraft - 31775's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I visited the website with your mousetrap cars and let me tell you that your designs prove once again that creative people are there in the world. I would have never thought about designs such like yours in a millions years, but I do know how to appreciate people that are creative so I wish nothing but the best of luck and looking forward to seeing more great project from you.

Bill Kuhl's picture

Thank you so much, that has made my day. The mousetrap car article has been so popular, I am just hoping that people will start looking at the other articles like the new one, "Innovations in Transportation" found under Non-Hobby articles. I have been trying to branch out a little beyond the projects but hope to tie the articles together.

Bill Kuhl

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