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Looking for a cutting edge presenter of Project Based Learning

Looking for a cutting edge presenter of Project Based Learning

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We want to help the educators in our districts learn how to provide project based learning to their students. We plan to bring a presenter to us for a workshop on this topic. So do you know of any cutting edge presenters?

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Virginia Malone's picture
Virginia Malone

I have posted a couple of things you might find of interest. The first are the seven elements of success and the results of missing any one of these elements. Personally I think this is a must for any successful project. see
The second is from a presentation on our goals for students with a table to help you be sure your project is covering the basic goals of teaching. see.
You can retrieve both of these from wetheteachers but you will have to sign in. it is free and they send no spam.

Bonnie's picture

Hi Amanda,
I attended Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. The college is founded on project-based learning - each student designs his/her own degree and must complete a final project that embodies his/her own educational goals. I don't know if this is of interest to you or if it will help you find a presenter. I hope so.

Best of luck,

Cheryl Dobbertin's picture

Hi there, you might check and see if there's an Expeditionary Learning School near you ( Teachers in these schools have committed to project-based learning. Good luck!

Expeditionary Learning's picture

Hi Amanda,

Let me echo what Cheryl Dobbertin suggests. Expeditionary Learning schools keep PBL at the core of the curriculum and have a range of project and product ideas. You may want to take a look at some of the ones featured on this website, like "Kinetic Conundrum" and the profile on Susan McCray. If you would like more information, don't hesitate to contact me directly by clicking on Expeditionary Learning above.

Kind regards,

Todd Felton
Communications Project Manager

Jane Krauss's picture
Jane Krauss
Teacher, curriculum and program developer, author, PBL facilitator, techie

I do professional development on the topic of PBL with schools, districts and interest groups around the country. It's essential that educators leave a workshop not just motivated but also equipped (site-specific facilitation) and supported (coaching). There's little chance of transfer to practice without ongoing engagement. If this alternate scenario makes sense to you then I'd enjoy discussing the possibilities.

Scott Schiller's picture

I would recommend Tristan and his group as well. He did a great job with our school on our summer school innovation and allows for followup. He takes you where you are at and helps you to develop your ideas and challenges your thinking.

Donna Luna's picture

The SREB-High Schools That Work team creates a wonderful presentation and offers hands-on training. I attended a workshop on this years ago in Hilton Head, S. C. and it was an amazing experience.
Here is a link to the site and documents available. Number 7 is project learning.

Cassandra Love's picture

I would be interesting in learning more about project base learning. Are their in elementary schools in Chicago that focus on this?

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