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Web sites with free resources for PBL?

Web sites with free resources for PBL?

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Hello, I've been working on a story about the best free Web resources for teachers. Anyone have experience using the Envision School's Project Exchange site? Or have any sites you'd like to share? I'm all ears (and eyes). Thank you! Malaika

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Holly Gougeon's picture
Holly Gougeon
Media Specialist at Brooks County Middle School Quitman, GA

I like It covers all grade levels and subject areas, and has sections for students, parents, teachers, and after school.

John Larmer's picture
John Larmer
Editor in Chief at the Buck Institute for Education

The West Virginia Dept. of Education has a great site for their "Teach 21" initiative, with lots of projects (they call them "PBL Plans") searchable by subject and grade level. This was developed with coaching from the Buck Institute for Education.

Marsha Rakestraw's picture
Marsha Rakestraw
Humane Educator

I'd like to recommend the Resource Center for the Institute for Humane Education, specifically the Humane Education Activities, which offer dozens of free, downloadable activities on topics related to human rights, social justice, environmental protection, animal protection and consumerism, media and cultural issues:

There are other useful resources, from the recommended books (including children's books) to links to websites, online games, etc.:

sharon foster's picture

I am a curriculum director for a school in Arizona. We are implementing PBL and would like to visit other classrooms using PBL, especially high schools. Would like some suggestions about where to go?

sharon foster's picture

We are implementing PBL at the high school level in a school located in Phoenix, AZ. Are there other schools or teachers in the area who are doing this, and are you open to having us visit?

Linda's picture

Hi, I teach all subjects in an alternative setting. Some students are classified, others not. My population range from 8th-12th grade with varying degrees of comprehension levels, mostly between 5th and 7th grade, but a few as high as 11th. One of my challenges is that I'm a one room school house and need to service all kids at the same time. As most of you know, motivation and topics of interest are a challenge as well. I see that there is a project learning resource for high school. Has a resource been created for upper elementary/middle school or high interest/lower level? I appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you.

Caryn Pernu's picture
Caryn Pernu
Director of Program Strategies, National Youth Leadership Council

One new website I stumbled across through the New York Times's Economix blog is Mathalicious. Its in its early stages and doesn't have a lot of project-based learning plans yet, but there are a few that look intriguing. And all the activities I've looked at do a nice job of blending math concepts with real-world application.

One other terrific free website is the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse's SLICE. It has a searchable database of projects funded by Learn and Serve America at all grade levels and subject areas.

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