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PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

PBL Camp: Introduce yourself

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Are you planning to attend Edutopia's PBL Camp? We'd love to hear from you! Tell us a little about yourself, what you teach, grade level and location. We look forward to "meeting" you!

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Tammy G. Parks's picture

Hello all,

I am an educator in a small, rural school in SE Oklahoma. I joined this group to see a PBL model in action. My HS colleagues and I will be focusing on PBL starting in the fall with weekly two hour blocks of PBL with half the HS staff while the other half are involved in Professional Development opportunities. Our students will work on PBL modules with their peers every week. We will begin a 1:1 macbook initiative this fall as well. We have offered a 1:1 in grades 3-8 for several years now. I personally want to focus more on creativity, innovation, and critical thinking in my classrooms and PBL design. I look forward to working with each of you during this four week experience. Thank you Edutopia!

shirley smith's picture
shirley smith
3rd grade teacher

I am excited in teaching my students to solve real life problems through team work and technology. These strategies will be more motivating for the children to learn new concepts.

Linda Hoffman's picture
Linda Hoffman
8th grade multimedia teach from San Antonio, TX

[quote][quote]We have a block project in place for our 6th grade with math, social studies, language arts and technology teachers, the theme being problem solving and that content already set. But, I would like to consider more than one grade level participating in Gulf Oil Spill projects.  Outside of block, in technology classes, 6thgraders usually do a WebQuest and student team wiki's which could be part of this PBL project.  Maybe ... Who is at fault?  Are everyday citizens at all responsible? What regulations are in place for exploring and using technologies to fulfill demands for energy?   In 5th grade technology we spend one term learning about Media Literacy that leads into exploration of how camera shots can help tell a story and the building of a video PSA or commercial during the following term. I'm wondering if the power of images wouldn't be an interesting angle to an Oil Spill PBL - culminating with student team produced videos on different focus groups experiences and reactions to the situation.[/quote][/quote]

I teach media to 8th grade students and the idea about camera shot impact is a great one since it is a means to envoke emotional response from the viewer.

Linda Hoffman's picture
Linda Hoffman
8th grade multimedia teach from San Antonio, TX

I also teach broadcast journalism, 8th graders and I envy those who have block schedules. I am looking forward to seeing the project you create.

Jennifer Ower's picture
Jennifer Ower
5th grade teacher from Corona, CA

Hey All! I have taught for 11 years in K-8. I currently teach at a Charter School in California. I am ready to get back to my roots and become the teacher I always wanted to be!

Vincent Eisman's picture
Vincent Eisman
4th Grade, Oakdale, CA

Hi, late arriver here. I taught for 5 years in South Central Los Angeles at a charter school where we utilized school-wide thematic inquiry-based instruction, arts integration, open-ended questioning, and vertical teaming as a daily part of our teaching. I now teach 4th grade in a small Central California town (more cows than people). While I'm at a good school, I miss the creative and more exploratory nature what I envision education to be. I look forward to these weeks of getting out of the box and into the saddle- being challenged, stretched and creative.

I enjoy using the ancient game of Go in the classroom to teach a variety of concepts across the curriculum, Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey as a guide to literature discussion and writing, and debates of real-world problems and issues to facilitate research, critical thinking and communication. Highly recommended: Sir Ken Robinson's first Tedtalk at

nagwa's picture

I would like to set up a project-based learning in my module. I am teaching Advanced Writing to undergraduates (English for Academic Purposes). Can anyone help me with websites for universities that are doing such projects for collaboration?

Eileen Dolan's picture
Eileen Dolan
Seventh grade LA teacher from CT

Early in my career, I taught multi-age PBL classes (gr. 3/4). Now I teach five gr. 7 LA classes, and the idea of PBL seems overwhelming... Ideas?

Thomas Stanley's picture
Thomas Stanley
Educational Consultant-former teacher in high school

This has always been my dream to help redesign a school so that it is PBL oriented. When I went to the High Tech High campus I saw an elementary, middle and high school dedicated to that end. That is where I would make my first visit if I were you.
Next, I do feel that your campus should be a blended-learning environment. The online and real world offer so many opportunities to do local, state, national and international activities that it is a bit overwhelming. The opportunities for students to do real world projects and make a positive contribution to their communities are very exciting.
Next I would make sure that all the teachers have the training and common planning times to do the types of integrated curriculum that are necessary to make this successful. Last year I worked on the stem curriculum and it is a great way to start on a simple hands on approach. You can create literacy, math, science, etc. lessons very effectively.
The technology end is another story and I have used and developed the online and blended learning lessons that can make this very effective. It is an exciting and daunting undertaking but with the right planning and open minded work it can reap incredible benefits for students and teachers.

Iman Abou Kouta's picture
Iman Abou Kouta
Twelve grade English Teacher from UAE

Hi all, I am grade 12 English teacher and I'd like you to provide me with effective apps to use in classroom. Apps for practicing reading, educational games, vocabulary and grammar.

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