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Ideas for PBL in the English classroom

Ideas for PBL in the English classroom

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After 30+ years of teaching many things in many ways, I am interested in trying PBL in my classroom but don't know exactly how to generate ideas, plans, etc. I generally teach world literature/composition to 9th grade honors students and British lit./composition to all levels of 11th and 12th graders. Any ideas, plans that have worked, guidance would be welcomed.

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Kate Petty's picture
Kate Petty
Senior English Teacher, EL Coordinator, Life-Time Learner

Hi- I've been flipping my high school English class a bit at a time- and wrote a bit about it on my blog if you'd like to take a look. I've figured out how do the writing but I'm still trying to figure out the literature part. Let me know what you think-it'd be nice to dialogue with someone who is in the same boat. go to the Flipping Page.

mzeigler's picture
English teacher, Bamberg-Ehrhardt HS, Bamberg, SC

Thanks-I enjoyed visiting your site & culled some ideas I plan to use.

mzeigler's picture
English teacher, Bamberg-Ehrhardt HS, Bamberg, SC

I've never used Twitter and was tied up the evening of this chat. Can I access a transcript?

mzeigler's picture
English teacher, Bamberg-Ehrhardt HS, Bamberg, SC

My 9th grade honors students will be doing research papers on bullying. As a project, groups will publish booklets about bullying in schools, focusing on signs, causes, and methods of dealing with bullying. Our district coordinators would like for a least one booklet to used with our middle school students.
I've read several conversations concerning problems others have encountered and hope others experiences can help me head of some problems. This is my first project like this, and I am still working on timelines and rubrics for the project portion of this adventure.
Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bilal-ELA's picture
10-12th English teacher from Maryland

I am working on my Action Research plan for my Master's program and I have decided to do it on PBL learning and its effects on students' participation in class and their cumulative assessment grades. I have been using PBL in my class this year and I have gotten great feedback from the students and the staff. Does anyone have any ideas or research I can use in my action plan? The more help the better!

djmurph4's picture
Eighth grade LA/Reading teacher in Bethel, CT

Help! I am looking for inspiration on how to incorporate PBL into the ELA CCSS curriculum maps.

Tracy's picture
high school English teacher

Your webpage is outstanding. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love your voice and candor, too.

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