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Content Area Reading & Writing Skills

Content Area Reading & Writing Skills

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June's picture

I am looking for ideas to assign a project-based Learning assignment for teachers in training in my class. Can you share some ideas where the students need to use technology, and accommodate diversity, and special needs in their project? has anyone tried this before in their type of course?

Allen Berg's picture
Allen Berg
curriculum and projects learning centers

Dear June,

I don't know the school grade levels your Teacher Training Class involves or the subject content areas, but here are 2 wikispaces to check out, as general
creative resources...


This is a simple lesson plan attached to a much larger curriculum project:
"Engineering of Everyday Things: Structure and Function: Analysis of a Whole and its Parts" (specifically using Observation and Writing Skills)...


This is a Feast of Arts in Education (PBL)...

Let me know here at Edutopia, if you have any comments or questions, etc.

Happy New Year, to be continued...

Allen Berg

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