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Public service announcements as meaningful projects

Public service announcements as meaningful projects

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Have a look and let me know what you think!

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drofilm1's picture
Curriculum Leader: digital film communication grades 10-11-12

Creating PSA's (public service announcements) is a great way to promote a behavior or to create awareness for a good cause.

What kind of ideas do you have?
How do you find the themes?


KellyAnn Bonnell's picture
KellyAnn Bonnell
STEAM Integration Manager

Oh this model has been around since I was in grade school. It's effective, I still remember the PSA we did. Themes are the easy part, what do the kids care about? What is the awareness ribbon of the month? You might build a PSA project off a current event or an anniversary of an event.

I personally like to give the kids four or five choices of topics and then let them go.

Production experiences foster critical thinking and problem solving skills, communitication skills and creativity, what I call the three Cs of workforce development.

Thomas Stanley's picture
Thomas Stanley
Educational Consultant-former teacher in high school

What ever grade you teach there are community and local issues that can be addressed. For example my students did PSA projects on bullying, smoking, dating, the environment, etc. If you want the kids to do a real world project contact the local domestic violence group in your community, work with water, electrical, or air environmental or government groups, and local,state, national health groups. I have also worked with the local Chamber of Commerce to promote local issues. One of the most important things is show what a PSA is or is intended to do, make sure the technical skills are taught, that the students do the research, have peer and community evaluation based on a rubric, and then have a final "presentation" day that posts the PSA's for everyone to see.

drofilm1's picture
Curriculum Leader: digital film communication grades 10-11-12

Thanks for your comment!
What you wrote is fundamental.
I also offer my students some suggestions and they are usually related to social issues.
About the 3 C's: wonderful! This is what we do here too.
The film program I developed is called: Digital Film Communication. We focus on the message, while using the technology we need to deliver it well.
Thanks again for your time.

drofilm1's picture
Curriculum Leader: digital film communication grades 10-11-12

What are the fundamental challenges of the 21st century skills?

Challenge #1 (in my view)

Focus on the message
Use technology because you need it to convey the message.

As opposed to:
Learn the technology and then try to find something to do with it.

Here is an example of a film created for the message, using technology properly.

What do you think?

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