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Observations from Science Projects Class

Observations from Science Projects Class

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Today I will start teaching another week of a College for Kids class, I entitled, "Engineering Through Models" for a whole new group of students. As last week, they will build: foam plate gliders, air powered rockets, mousetrap car, model solar car, and a simple electric motor. This is the second year for teaching this class, I was told I filled 2 classes and could have filled 2 more. The students were well behaved and I think that has a lot to do with keeping them really busy. My biggest frustration was probably how some students are so much faster than others. I plan to adjust a little this week to see if I can handle this better. All the projects worked pretty well, the electric motor gave them the most trouble. If you are sloppy in building the motor, it will not run. One student told me that it was his favorite project because he took it home and struggled to make it work. I plan to adjust my teaching on this but I think it is a good project in that it is more of a challenge to make work. Bill Kuhl

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I worked something similarly with my students, and they were more than satisfied. We recorded starting of the motor and we will make a film about it.

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My favorite hands on project is to grow a TickleMe Plant in my class and watch how the leaves fold and the branches droop when Tickled. It is always a class favorite and seems to get everyone more excited about science and nature. The TickleMe Plant is the most interactive plant in the world

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