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Digital technology is the hope for Africa

Digital technology is the hope for Africa

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With the gap existing between the North and the South, Project Based Learning is highly requested in African countries in so far as change is concern.
As more and more computers fill African schools, a debate has centred around the role technology should play in development. On the one hand, proponents argue information and communication technologies are necessary to help bring Africa into the 21st century and out of poverty.
PBL can be grown fast in Senegal and the whole Africa since it is a fertilized ground with no required materiels for schools.Meaning that students are eager to learn if they are well trained.With the facilitation of teachers and their administration, projects dealing with problems of development in their countries can be conceived in such a way that students will be actors of development by encouraging populations to be part of this increasingly competitive world. Information and communication technologies facilitated the possibilities of innovation in education.
We will assist to the enhancement of their capacity to do research, excel in their studiesand better prepare their future.

Moustapha Diouf
Founder of Apelanguage

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Don Doehla, MA, NBCT's picture
Don Doehla, MA, NBCT
2015 California Language Teacher of the Year, Co-Director Berkeley WL Project at UC Berkeley Language Center

Bonjour cher collegue Moustapha,

Cela me fait plaisir de lire votre lettre plein d'espoir pour l'avenir. Malgre les differences nord-sud du moment, il y a en effet beaucoup de raisons d'esperer que que l'avenir offre une meilleure vie dans de meilleures condidtions de sante, de developpement durable, et une repartition plus egale des ressources de notre planete en trouvant des solutions plus equitables et humaines!

Quand je parle aux jeunes gens dans mes cours a moi, je suis plein d'espoir qu'ils vont trouver des solutions de ce genre car ils sont tellement ouverts aux possibilites.

Thank you, dear frind Moustapha, for your comments. I appreciate your interest and enthusiasm for the possibilities that await as our students engage in meaningful inquiry through project-based learning opportunities. There are many young people today seeking ways to make the world a better place, no matter whether they live in the north or the south, their hopes are so often the same - to build a better world, where more people have access to the resources they may need to live full and productive lives. These concerns lie at the very heart of what we believe about the reasons we seek to support teachers at Edutopia, providing access to information about what really works in schools!

Merci, encore Moustapha.


Moustapha Diouf's picture

Dear Don
It's a real pleasure to hear about you and your message bring a reassurance.
Many thanks again.


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