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Bell Schedules

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As we move into a PBL setting at our middle school campus, the campus committee would like some examples of bell schedules used in secondary level PBL schools. Any ideas out there that anyone would be willing to share with us? Thanks in advance.

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Twila Busby's picture

Hi Scott,
When we committed to PBL at our middle school, we created space by combining language arts and social studies into Humanities and so now we have a 5 period day with Humanities, Science and Math each having 85 minutes and then 2 60 minute periods for electives. Because we have teams of 3 academic teachers, they also have the ability to adjust their times when needed with in the Academic block.We have 3 "academies" that have different time schedules so we only have a bell in the morning and at dismissal. I would be happy to send you a copy of our master schedule if you would like.

D. Johnson's picture

Hi Twila,
We are working on changing our class schedule around. We also have 3 SLC's. I would much like to see your bell schedules, and any other details of how you hang it all together.
Thanks in advance.


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