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Contacts for Science PBL

Contacts for Science PBL

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Hello everyone! I have an idea for my 9th grade physical science class. We just finished a chemistry based PBL and I want to do it again with physics. I want my students to construct a 3-D model or design a roller coaster with their knowledge they obtain during the Forces and Energy portion of the class. I am need of engineers or roller coaster designers for authentic, expert contacts. If you know of anyone who'd be willing, please let me know. Or if you could just get the word out, that'd be awesome too! Thanks!

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William Oehlkers's picture

A colleague and I are working to promote PBL in RI. We have developed a course at Providence College in the graduate literacy program and hope to work with middle school teachers this spring in developing and implementing PBL units.

Allen Berg's picture
Allen Berg
curriculum and projects learning centers

Dear Ryan Rydstrom,,0

Bill Kelly and Steve Okamoto are the Real Deal, but if they don't do free consulting to high school science teachers, perhaps they know colleagues who do... and/or "go to" online resources etc...

Ride them wheels...

Allen Berg
STEM PBL Project Director

Ryan Rydstrom's picture
Ryan Rydstrom
9th Grade Physical Science and 8th grade FOSS trained teacher

Thank you very much. I will try contacting them!

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