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Your favorite PBL curriculum resources?

Your favorite PBL curriculum resources?

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Seeking PBL resources: Rigorous project-based learning for core subject matter and critical 21st century skills (such as self-directed learning, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking).

What are your favorite sources for PBL curriculum?


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dreamnest3's picture

My favorite project based learning curriculums have been based on LEGO Robotics. Not only are the kids using math, science and engineering techniques in a way to show real results, they have also come up with ways to help their communities. They are writing reports and increasing their communication skills while learning to work as a member of a team. Every time I get the chance to teach one of these classes I'm amazed at the change in their ability to start thinking intelligently. WE have been able to incorporate history and research techniques as well as literature into these classes. It has been as much as a blast for me as it has been for the students!

Mike Reilly's picture

I have just begun teaching Engineering, and it's all VEX Autodesk robotics. Very fun, very effective!

In addition, I've done Game Programming for years. You can start with Scratch ( or Alice (, but when I teach real programming with code, I move up to Greenfoot ( but most recently have moved back over to Flash Actionscript. I hope to join forces with Social Studies and Language Arts to make games with them in a 3-hour block next year.

John Bennett's picture
John Bennett
Emeritus Faculty in the School of Engineering / University of Connecticut

Check out the PBL site at the University of Delaware website. And check out the wealth of material on the website

Charlene Czerniak's picture

You might consider this textbook: Teaching Science to Children: A Project-Based Science Approach. Krajcik, J. & Czerniak, C. M. (2007). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Middle school PBS curriculum is also being developed by It's About Time Publishers

This web site is also very good:

Tristan de Frondeville's picture
Tristan de Frondeville
Project Learning Consultant for PBL Associates

My son loves LEGO and my first inspirational teacher was a middle school teacher who used LEGO for fantastic projects with high student enthusiasm. Do you know where any examples are shown or posted?

SP's picture

Warning: here is some shameless self-promotion, but honestly I think is a great site for students and teachers to manage their projects online and learn about project management. It's self promotion because I built the site, but please have a look and let me know what you think;

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