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Preparing for a Project

Preparing for a Project

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Next week is the College for Kids class I am teaching entitled, "Engineering Through Models", there will be model solar cars and mousetrap cars, probably foam gliders also. From previous classes I have learned handing out materials can be a hassle and waste of time. So I am packaging everything in re-sealable bags. This is a fair amount of work but not sure how else to handle this. When there is a dozen to two dozen parts for each kit I could spend a lot of time passing out materials. Would welcome any other methods that work well. Bill Kuhl

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Jason Larson's picture
Jason Larson
Science educator in Iowa

I've found that good problem based case learning always involves a lot of work on the front end, but it is worth it. I think you are on track by having everything ready for them. Good luck!



Bill Kuhl's picture

After three days and three projects I can see that you can not be too prepared and it sure helps to have have extra parts. The re-sealable bags have worked well. I have posted some pictures on Edutopia Facebook page and ScienceGuy Org Facebook page. The kids sure do like building the projects but they are needing more help than I thought they would. I would think they will learn more if they do have to struggle some.

Bill Kuhl

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