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PBL Camp: Support Thread

PBL Camp: Support Thread

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If you have a question about how to participate in PBL Camp or if you need any other support, please post your questions here. Chances are good that someone else has a similar question, so it's good to do it publicly!

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D. Culver's picture
D. Culver
7th grade, math & science teacher in GA and mother of 2 boys (16 and 7)


Please clarify a few things for me because we are weeks into the camp and I am lost.

1) I have not been able to participate in the live sessions, but, can I access the session later as a recording using Elluminate?

If so, how do I go about doing that? My computer has previously used Elluminate and I additionally double checked to see that it is up-to-date.

2) I have heard something about a wiki. Is there one for this camp?

3) I've been reading the discussion boards, but, what other resources are available to participate?

4) Are there specific directions or resources to guide you through the weekly topics?

I think those are my biggest burning questions at this point. Thanks in advance for your assistance,


Denise Culver

Suzie Boss's picture
Suzie Boss
Journalist and PBL advocate

Hi Denise,
Here are some resources to help you catch up:
1. Webinars are recorded and available online. You will not need to launch Elluminate to listen. This page includes all the links to recordings:
2. Wiki is here:
Once you join the wiki, you can create your own page, join a project team or create a new one, etc. Tutorials to help with technology are also available on the wiki.
3. Discussion boards continue to offer a place to have conversations with others in this community. Look for the PBL Camp thread for your grade level.
4. We have been suggesting activities each week to guide you through the project planning process. You can find an archive of weekly activities on the wiki (look in Navigator panel on right for archives).
We still have a full week of camp left--so please jump right in! It's a great community.

James Robinson's picture
James Robinson
Teach at a private school. Multi grades 1st-12th. Mostly Language/Arts . TX

I have just been informed that I am going to have a lifeskill class this year. My principal wants us to use only projects with these students. The students will be from pre-k-12th grade. Two questions: (2) Will someone out there please send me examples of "project" along with lesson plans on how you implemented the projects.(2)Eoes anyone have material that was developed or used by Marva Collins that they would not mind getting rid of? If so please let me know!
James Robinson

Donna Milner's picture
Donna Milner
Elementary Media Specialist

I just saw an episode of AquaKids on the Saturday morning TV. This is an awesome resource for our Gulf Oil projects. Their website has much to offer along with valuable links to more experts. www.AquaKids.TV Suzie, you may want to add this group of folks to your expert list when considering contacts for student involved environmental projects.

Suzie Boss's picture
Suzie Boss
Journalist and PBL advocate

[quote] This is an awesome resource for our Gulf Oil projects. [/quote]

Thanks for sharing this. Looks like a good resource, especially for engaging with experts. I'm adding to the wiki Resources page right now. PBL Campers: If your projects focus on marine animals, you'll find some useful links here.

Donna Milner's picture
Donna Milner
Elementary Media Specialist

Thanks to all our experts and encouragers for this great opportunity. I have learned so much in this group. I apologize for fizzling this last week or so but the rubber hit the road at school and I was overwhelmed. We will go forward with some type of PBL project but I have found that it is taking on somewhat of a different shape than I envisioned now that I am working with my "on-site" partners who have not had the benefit of this great group. I'll keep plugging and teaching and we'll take it as far as we can. I'm counting on the students' adoption of the projects to help move this forward. I'll try to post on the wiki and update occassionally.

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

Hi Shannon - We're currently slated to do another camp this summer, though we're still working out the details about what it's going to be. Do folks want another PBL Camp or should we try something else? (Social and Emotional Learning, Using Social Media in the Classroom are a couple of other ideas on the table.)


Shannon Twenter's picture
Shannon Twenter
Reading Teacher & Literacy Coach & PBL Enthusiastic Educator

I'd like to do another PBL camp, possibly with a focus on how PBL can broaden 21st century skills.

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