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PBL and Physics

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Hi, I'm a Maths and Physics teacher in a high school. I totally agree PBL is one of the most effective and engaging ways for students into real learning. I am currently looking for resources, ideas and even possible collaborations to restructure my next year Physics course of Classical Physics in a PBL based way. I'd be really grateful if some of you could give me any hint to start and have everything ready for September. I've been using PBL in my robotics after school classes already, but not in my Maths or Physics classes yet. Thank you very much. Roberto.

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Hi ,
I would be very grateful if other Foundation Phase teachers could share some resources for teaching phonics. The world of technology is new to me. Please don't judge me it has always been a challenge of mine, but I am learning to overcome this fear.
I am currently teaching at a school that I have deliberately guided towards what I call a "Support School". Many of our children do not fit into other mainstream schools - for whatever reason.We have children with many Learning Barriers ,Dyslexia and ADD/ADHD being the most common.I believe the children will respond better to learning through media.
THe children have had to face so many challenges in other schools , that very often they have given up, and show no motivation to learn.
I would appreciate any advice offered that will instil a love of learning in these wonderful children.I would love to link up with other teachers to share ideas.
I really believe PBL will have a great positive impact on our students, I need to share some ideas in relation to the teaching of reading and phonics.
Thank you
Carol Meyer

"Professor" Paul GTO Briones's picture
"Professor" Paul GTO Briones
Host and Co-Creator of Virtual Science University & Pre-AP Science Instructor

I saw similar scenarios at a high school where I taught five years ago. As a result, a year later, I decided to put my Biology Course Online, a combination of original music consisting of hip-hop, R & B, Blues, Latin, and Rock songs that I wrote and co-wrote with my Executive Producer, a concise lecture covering the topic thoroughly along with Power Points Slides to cover the content of the lecture, Pre/Post Test, and a hands on lab activity which is PBL. My course Virtual Science University has worked powerfully with children that have learning barriers at my high school alma mater and fifteen other school districts in the state of Texas. To learn more, visit my site at Once you subscribe, you have access to it 24-7. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me thru my website.
Wishing You The Best,
Paul O. Briones

Greg Reiva's picture
Greg Reiva
High School Science Teacher

Hello Roberto

I teach physics at Streamwood High School in Streamwood, Illinois. We employ the modeling method of teaching and learning physics. This is a best-practice methodology that utilizes a more constructivist approach to learning. It is a very effective learning strategy to use in the classroom to increase student achievement and motivate students to learn. Google "Modeling Method for teaching Physics and look at some of the research completed on this out of the University of Arizonian. They are the experts on this approach to teach science.

Ryan Kelley's picture
Ryan Kelley
Special Effects Technician with a passion for education

I work on a television show called Wipe Out. We design all of the stunts for the contestants. I think that the more you associate physics with real world scenarios, the more kids would be interested. If you show interesting clips from movies and TV shows then kids can relate. Some other samples of physics scenarios are a car jumping a ramp or driving through a loop. We've also made a trebuchet for launching various objects. Even using the Pumpkin' Chunkin' contest as an example.

D. Weeks's picture
D. Weeks
High school CAD teacher just outside of Detroit, MI

I think that Ryan has a really important point about using video clips to engage students. I have put together a library of clips that I am using these clips as "hooks" for my students. I am teaching mechanical and architectural CAD to show them examples of different designs. I especially enjoy using sci-fi movies for this, because it gives me a chance to show them non-traditional designs. This gets my students inspired and actively engaged in the projects they are designing.

D. Weeks

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