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Looking for an Online Master's Degree Program

Looking for an Online Master's Degree Program

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There are hundreds of masters degree programs to choose from. What has your experience been? Any recommendations?

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Dasha Davis's picture

I searched and searched for the right online program for me. I am currently attending Baker University in the Master of Liberal Arts program. They have campuses in Witchita, Baldwin City, and Overland Park, Kansas. I love the flexibility this program provides. I highly recommend. I wonder if anyone can suggest an online doctoral program?

Jennifer Nelson's picture

I got my Masters of Educational Administration degree online through Scranton University in Pennsylvania. The cost was very reasonable and the coursework was high quality. They also have a Masters of Curriculum degree online. Best wishes in your search!

Jennifer Khoury's picture

I completed my masters at Seton Hall University. They offered the traditional MA, a hybrid version and then a completely online offering. All program diplomas reflect the university name and do not indicate whether you completed it online or in a classroom. Their price was extremly reasonable as well.

Marge Tye Zuba's picture

I would suggest you take a look at Capella University (
It is fully accredited and has many degree programs.
While I am on faculty at traditional universities and was skeptical of online learning, I have come to appreciate it greatly.... so much so that I am now also on faculty at Capella.

Mindy S. Prosperi's picture
Mindy S. Prosperi
High School Biology / Science Teacher in Paterson NJ

I am currently studying at Walden. I am actually on this site as it is a requirement to learn about PLC's. This is my first class. Going on line, I do miss the networking with real people.

lisa yeoman's picture
lisa yeoman
MA Special education multi-cat/autism

I have been following this group and value your comments! I would also like to ask if anyone would please take this short survey (less than 5 min)concerning special education teachers only (past or present) it is necessary for my master's research. We need this information to move forward! Thank you!

Robin Ruiz- Teacherparent's picture
Robin Ruiz- Teacherparent
Candidate for a PhD in Education Learning Instruction Innovation Lifelong Learner

[quote]There are hundreds of masters degree programs to choose from. What has your experience been? Any recommendations?[/quote
My experience with the Educational Leadership Administration program at the University of South Florida was like adding the whipped cream, cherry, and nuts to the bowl of ice cream.
There is nothing better then learning about the business aspect of education. And also studying the different theories of leadership. I am a firm believer that Servant Leadership for education especially Title 1 schools is the way to strengthen our school communities . I am hoping the doctoral program I decide on will be equally edifying.

Katy Foster's picture

I recommend my program at University of Illinois - Curriculum, Technology and Education Reform (CTER).

Rabbi Kanarek's picture
Rabbi Kanarek
Principal at Yeshiva ohr Yisrael of Atlanta

I am finishing up a Masters in Ed Leadership at the Univ. of Phoenix. They have a good system but the classes vary. Some are really interesting and I learned a lot while others were a waste of time. Overall it was a good experience.

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