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Twitter is rapidly becoming an extended PLN for teachers; a way for them to connect and take control of their own learning.

Edutopia has a number of resources for getting started. Here are just a few:

What about you? Are you on Twitter? If so, share your handle here and let's connect!

Note: This post was updated on October 17, 2014.

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Ryan Gaskill's picture
Ryan Gaskill
Educator,Speaker, Coaching Students and Teachers towards Passion and Goals

@ryngaskill I am an educator and founder of Narrow Gate Coaching. I enjoy helping students and educators gain clarity on their vision for their lives, classrooms, and schools.

Becky Krill's picture
Becky Krill
Instructional Marketing Manager at SchoolKeep

Hi everyone!

My twitter handle is @RabeckaKrill

and you can follow Enterprise City @Enterprise_City

I'm located in Brooklyn, NY and the Enterprise City program serves students in the states of NY, NJ, CT, MA, NH, and ME.

Looking forward to connecting with all of you :).

Katherine Xiao's picture
Katherine Xiao
Social Media Marketing Intern at @Edutopia

Hey there! I just joined the Edutopia team and noticed this was a fun, active thread. I just followed you on the @Edutopia twitter account! :)

ManAdPor's picture

I'm Nathan, Social Media Guru and Professional Classical Singer from England... @nblackburn93

craftyfrugalmom's picture

Hi. My name is Amanda and I just started a brand new website, and I am a full-time college student majoring in Special Education, as well as a single mom of a 3-year-old boy. My Twitter is craftyfrugalmom, as is my Facebook. I've followed some of the people who have commented on this post.

Mamta Khandelwal's picture

I am an Education Consultant and love counseling students looking for overseas study options and am passionate about guiding students with innovative study programs. My website

Follow me on twitter @headstartED

greggeilers's picture

My name is Gregg and I teach 6th graders the way of the force in Modesto, CA. Twitter handle is @greggeilers.

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