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Professional rules or Deadlock !!

Professional rules or Deadlock !!

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Among continuous & sequences themes …..We choice start with Pablo Picasso quote’s:
"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist’’
How to put it in our Education trips?

Do we use rules to send or- receive (↔) information?
The answer wouldn’t be ( yes – no ) ……..It involves to the coming line :
(During treatment of a patient , there is a mistake have happened & the result is a died patient )

Education is life, if we lost missing parts we would live a missing life .
RULES guarantee getting missing parts
1- Ask for each case 3 main questions :

What ??
How ??
When ??
2- Get your Reflective Practice
*Are you able to apply this info?
4- What about its life application?
5- *How can you manage it by different situations ?

6- Avoid ( static process = for each step : work without thinking ).

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