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Blended and Flipped Models in the Primary Classroom

Blended and Flipped Models in the Primary Classroom

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I have been working through ideas for a blended and flipped classroom model in my first grade classroom for the past two years now. I've come to the following decisions on how to tackle this exciting challenge and am looking for your experience and feedback as I get ready to jump in:

Math: I would like to "clone" myself and use my iPads to create lesson stations that support our curriculum. I can work with struggling students while on-level and above receive video lessons from me. I would like to put optional enrichment lessons for those that choose to do them at home online.

Lang. Arts: I would like to "clone" myself for word work stations. I would also like to recreate some guided reading group moments for children at higher levels to work in book clubs using videos to guide them with some critical thinking skills.

Some things about my class:
My students are all fluent technology users.
Almost all of my students either own or share their own devices or can access something from home.
Technology is already a regular part of our classroom.

Your thoughts, resources, experiences, warnings, and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Dan Callahan's picture
Dan Callahan
Professional Learning Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor

This sounds like a great start! I'd take a good look at which video resources you might already have available to you to make life easier. If you have access to them, BrainPop Jr. and Discovery Streaming have some wonderful videos on many topics to help get you started.

I recently saw this awesome blog post where a teacher in a 1:1 PBL environment explains her planning process for stations. While it may not be exactly applicable, I think you can get some great inspiration from her:

Autumn Crosby's picture
Autumn Crosby
Second Grade Teacher, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thanks you!
I checked out her blog. Their planning cycle is a bit different, but I see how she started with the big picture for each required reporting cycle and worked her way down. Great ideas!

Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

Hi Autumn!

Are your kids fluent with the keyboard yet? It's one of the things we're looking at in our District, because kids are learning to use technology early, but don't get formal typing or keyboarding skills until much later on when they have developed idiosyncratic habits that might affect their speed vs. touch typing.

I would encourage you to look at things like Spongebob typing, BBC's Dance Mat Typing ( and other resources so they learn good keyboarding skills early on as well- that will really help them as they proceed through school. (I have additional resources if you are interested. )

Margaret Shafer's picture
Margaret Shafer
Third grade teacher in the Midwest

I'm coming to this late. As a first grade teacher, I have used both iPads and different assignments for groups of kids. My concern with this is that many first graders are still in need of adult interaction while learning. Emotional maturity does not always accompany mental maturity. I'm very curious how your plans worked out.

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