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Should Learning Be Fun?

Should Learning Be Fun?

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Personally, I get the most out of learning something when there's either a real drive to find out something in particular (ie. burning interest) or when there's a sense of adventure, exploration, experimentation, or play involved. I sometimes see a huge divide between people who see school as something that is supposed to be hard and challenging, (endured) in order to give students a sense of accomplishment at the end of the process, but risk turning kids off by not allowing them to have enough intermediate success to stick with the things that may be just outside of their zone of proximal development- and those who are trying to make school a more engaging experience, which the serious folks seem to take as turning school into one giant source of edutainment. Can learning be fun and rigorous at the same time? Are engagement and entertainment synonymous? Can learning be more interactive? Should it be more interactive? I'm really interested in hearing what you have to say.

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