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What Can Teachers Learn from Marketing?

What Can Teachers Learn from Marketing?

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I have a lot of friends who are involved with social media and social media marketing. As a result, I've ended up reading a ton of books on business, and how to get your message across. One of the best is Made to Stick by Chip and Dan heath. One of the brothers teaches a course on urban myths at Stanford, and together, they've broken down what seems to make some ideas easily memorable, and why others languish. What would happen if we started applying some of these principles to help make lessons in school more memorable and understandable for students? What would happen if we made educational websites as user friendly as ones that tried to sell you something? Do you think there are useful ideas we can take away from business and the marketing soundbite culture and use the same to punch up and "sell" lessons and ideas to students? Why or why not? I know this sound heretical to some, but I wonder what you think.

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