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Online Education- Can this help personalize learning?

Online Education- Can this help personalize learning?

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I'm intrigued by the idea of the new "online charter schools" that have begun to emerge. I contacted one of them about a year ago, to see if my son could participate for some additional writing practice and for enrichment, but unfortunately, the classes are only available to students attending the charter full time. Do you think online classes for enrichment or remediation for k-12 students are becoming a reality? Does this hold the answer for personalized learning? Is it a good or bad thing to start thinking of education as a more a la carte experience than a fixed menu? Could K-12 end up reflecting more of a college model where from middle school on, kids got a wider selection of courses available, and the times they needed to attend school, and as long as all basic distribution and concentration requirements for their "major" were met, they could graduate when they were ready? There are plenty of barriers to make this happen, but even for summer school, what would happen if we had students active in online classrooms to help get them prepared for the next year's classes, or help fill in any holes from the previous year, or simply keep them thinking and engaged, even if only once a week or so? How do you see online education fitting in with personalized learning in the big picture?

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Mike Albritton's picture
Mike Albritton
Curriculum Director, All Saints' Episcoapl School, Fort Worth, TX

I see online learning becoming a buffet, multiple buffets from many restaurants in fact, and me the maitre d for my students. As I look at students this year who struggled and need scaffolding, as well as those who soared and need extension, my goal is to match them up with just right learning experiences for the summer so they return next fall ready to progress. I would love to exchange thoughts with you and other on how to do this. I have some ideas cooking, some possible collaborators lined up, but I suspect others have tried this before and I'd like to learn from their experiences. Mike

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