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Hello. I plan to camp out here for awhile along with my co-moderator Whitney Hoffman. Here's why: we are at a tipping point where customized learning is going to become the way. Like it or not, that's what accountability will mean....which doesn't mean that test scores will be the objective measurement of the future. I am quite certain they won't be. However, educators will increasingly be asked to ensure all students master learning objectives before moving on in grade level and subject matters. And this means we will have to keep discovering ways to personalize learning and differentiate instruction. I see this as an opportunity--a way to refocus the classroom on true and authentic learning. I have a lot of ideas about how to do..and as someone who has a real love of teaching, I'm here to share my ideas--to inspire teachers to find new and exciting ways to engage all students. Moreover, I am here to learn from you. I will soon be leading a young school that is focused on personalized learning--and I will be looking for the answers about what works best. Let's take it to a new level here....

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Amy Jackson's picture
Amy Jackson
Strengths Consultant, Director of Continuum Academy

I am really looking forward to this conversation! I am glad the two of you have started this group...

I am particularly interested in the piece related to an educator's responsibility to ensure a student's mastery of some learning objective. I believe that the more we allow/ask kids to self-assess and monitor their own learning (and, so, mastery) the more seamless that accountability becomes for everyone. In fact, student self-assessment is a key factor in a personalized learning environment in that each kid's customized path must, inherently, be self-monitored and evaluated or it no longer remains personalized!

Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

I agree, Amy! Teaching responsibility is part of personalized learning, and student's take more responsibility for their learning when they are involved in self-assessment. While teachers need to help students reflect on any self-assessment to make an action plan moving forward, the self-assessment is a key part of finding out a student's current state of mind and where they think they could improve.

Some students will naturally have more self-insight than others, and for those who say things like "I should study more", teachers need to help them define what "study more" means. Most kids will say they should do more, but often they aren't really clear on what exactly they need to do- time alone is often not the answer- so making sure they have a to do list or action plan is important.

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