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PBL Camp Collaborators Wanted: Grade 3-5 (Week 2)

PBL Camp Collaborators Wanted: Grade 3-5 (Week 2)

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Please share your name and grade level and some info about the project you'd like to do. If you know your driving question, you can include that. If not, it's OK. You can collaborate with your team to develop that.

To connect with someone who has posted a project here, click their name to view their profile. In the left column, under the photo, there is a link SEND A MESSAGE. Use that to securely communicate. From there, you can share your email address or phone number. Please don't post your personal contact info in the group.

Once you've found collaborators, you may click "edit" at the bottom of your post and type PROJECT FOUND in the subject line so the rest of us know you're not available for this collaboration.

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Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

[quote]I found the Twitterchat like being in a very small, crowded room of 175 people and everyone was talking at the same time. Much to difficult for me to follow and I finally had to give up. However, in reading of the twits, I did find a group I would like to join - "If Effects All". How to I join that group and what is the next step?[/quote]

Hi Tracy -

If you go to that group's page on the wiki (! in your case) and make sure you're logged in to the wiki, you can click on the the owner's name at the top of the page (Last edited by: Jennifer Ower)- You should see her email once you do that.

Hope this helps!

Libby's picture

I'm a pre-service teacher who'll be in a 4th grade classroom next year. I'd like to collaborate with anyone interested in examining how our own use of/dependence on oil calls for riskier extraction techniques to satisfy demand. I am also interested in the effects ecologically, but like the idea of highlighting our own "culpability," in a manner of speaking, since petroleum products is probably almost as pervasive as corn in our lives.

Shannon Wentworth's picture
Shannon Wentworth
Technology Teacher

Hi Holly,
My 5th graders actually use that project kit in their science classrooms. I will be supporting it with activities in the Computer Lab. I would be happy to work with you.

[quote]Anyone using the 4th Grade FOSS units this year? The unit I will be teaching is called Environments and I plan on integrating it into the pbl unit on the Oil Spill. Hoping to hook up with people who want to work on that here.Thanks!HollyLA, CA[/quote]

Renee Peoples's picture

I still don't see anything that works for me. Anybody else in lower grades looking for something different?

Michelle Sais Hildebrandt's picture
Michelle Sais Hildebrandt
Third Grade Teacher

I have decided that my students will take on the role of an advacate for the ocean life affected by the oil spill. We will then brainstorm which animal each group wants to represent and then research the affect of the oil on the animal.

shirley smith's picture
shirley smith
3rd grade teacher

I agree. I want small groups to go to the media to do research on the computers. This ia a prior activity to the science fair projects. This can be included in our reading centers.

Laura Rieker's picture

I want my students to study the impact of oil on the animal life. Like Michelle we will brainstorm ways to solve the problem so that the animals can survive the oil spill.

arianna's picture

I'm glad I found this site, Renee. I am from Sibiu, Romania, I would like to collaborate, to be part of this group.

sandra cornejo's picture

Hello ,teams I am a single mother of a child 7 years old and she is in grade 2 and I will like to ask somebody to help me whith my douther needs to learn in a topic of cience and math. thank you so much..sandra

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