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PBL Camp Collaborators Wanted: Grade 6-8 (Week 2)

PBL Camp Collaborators Wanted: Grade 6-8 (Week 2)

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Please share your name and grade level and some info about the project you'd like to do. If you know your driving question, you can include that. If not, it's OK. You can collaborate with your team to develop that.

To connect with someone who has posted a project here, click their name to view their profile. In the left column, under the photo, there is a link SEND A MESSAGE. Use that to securely communicate. From there, you can share your email address or phone number. Please don't post your personal contact info in the group.

Once you've found collaborators, you may click "edit" at the bottom of your post and type PROJECT FOUND in the subject line so the rest of us know you're not available for this collaboration.

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Jeffrey Decker's picture

Oops...sorry about the double posting. Had to sign in and was not sure the first post went through. Would be great to include your students in this survey. Timing is up in the air at this point, but will probably be ongoing as schools return from Summer and gain access to computer labs etc. Spent some time in Glacier Nat Part two summers ago. Amazing place! Am still looking for a school located at "ground zero" that has been more directly and deeply impacted by the spill. Please consider being a part of this student survey. My email is:

Laura Post's picture
Laura Post
7th grade ELA teacher Blakemore Middle School Boys Ranch, TX

Would anyone be interested in including a middle school english teacher into their group to collaborate? I may be able to come up with some ideas for an interdisciplinary project regarding the ELA portion.

Ginny Pauwels's picture
Ginny Pauwels
6th Lang Arts, 8th U.S. history, tech teacher; IB school in Pontiac, MI

I also teach middle school English - 6th grade. Would like to collaborate. I missed the first two sessions, but teach at an IB school so have had experience with PBL.

Suzie Boss's picture
Suzie Boss
Journalist and PBL advocate

Hi Ginny and Laura,
Dale Glass has started an interesting-looking project plan for middle school called Oil and Water. Take a look on the wiki (, and if you're interested in joining, let him know by adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

Tennille's picture
Middle school math department from Brooklyn, NY

Good Afternoon everyone!! I'm a middle school math teacher, pretty much the only teacher for my middle school (lol) looking for a math project that can be revised for my different grade levels. i would love for this to become a major middle school project, using different math concepts pertaining to the grade level curriculum. However, I am an 8th grade science teacher and this topic of the oil spill can be connected to NYS science curriculum of oceans and/or evolution. I have too many ideas---but am eager to work with individuals who would love to brainstorm and collaborate.

Jimmy Small's picture

This project will be effective helping my students to stay busy. It should cut down on down time, and keep the students interest in science at a peak level.

Michelle Harrison's picture

I too would be interested in having my kids do a survey, but we do not return to school until the end of August and don't really get started until September. But, my kids live in a rural area near the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Let me know if you are interested in having them do a survey for you.

Jeffrey Decker's picture

Hi Michelle,

Would be great to have our students collaborate. The timing of the surveys needs to be will get things rolling as different schools get geared up. The rest of the project is still brewing. What are you thinking about beyond the survey? My school email is:

Louise E's picture

In Oakland, near the Coliseum, there exists a dedicated/ protected migratory bird site. The site is part of the Martin Luther King Shoreline Park. Access the site by the parking lot & walking bridge across Damon Slough, east side, off of the 66th Ave./Zone Way offramp (toward San Leandro Bay). Or access by Edgwater Drive (northerly end) by the Garretson Point Staging (MLK park) area that has parking. Walk right up to the 8 acre bird site. The fenced site is most active (bird use) during the winter rainy season (November-April). The site was created for migratory birds, shorebirds and local birds. An education sign provides information at the site.

Louise E's picture

In Oakland near the Coliseum, exists a dedicated migratory bird site. An education sign provides information. The site is part of the Martin Luther King Shoreline Park along San Leandro Bay. The site connects to park trail system. Access the site via 66th Ave/Zone Way off ramp (head west), park and walk across pedestrian bridge over Damon Slough. Or access the site at the northerly end of Edgewater Drive. The site is near the Garretson Point Staging area of MLK park The fenced site is most active with migratory and shoreline birds during the rainy season (November - April). The site was built to create and enhance the wetlands. Thus rain water accumlates there and creates a mini pond with a raised island in the middle for the birds to rest upon. I've observed over 15 species of birds at one time at the site. Great place to picnic near by or to go to for a quick educational excursion with kids.

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