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What's on Your Mind?

What's on Your Mind?

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We want to hear from parents everywhere! What is going well at your schools? What are some of the challenges at your schools?

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Jane Taylor's picture

I am a retired school teacher and it saddens me that my grandson hates going to his Boston school. While the teacher tries very hard and has a needy group of children, without the necessary help, the little KG children are expected to sit all morning while she talks and directs and scolds. These 5 and 6 year olds have no independent learning time, no play, no creative or artistic areas in which to explore, rarely experience praise. They experience themselves as school failures at a very early age because they can not sit still for hours on end, on the floor or in their seats. Art, Music and Gym are without spark, without meaningful goals. I said I would give the school a try, but am getting "tried out".... Most of his learning happens after school, at home, where every moment is exploration and learning.

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