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Youth sports

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At a screening of Race to Nowhere last night in Half Moon Bay, parents spoke about seeking balance in sports. Tell us what you hope your kids gain from participation in youth sports - college admission, a scholarship, life skills, physical activity. Take a look at the NY Times article today and tell us what you think.

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jim sullivan's picture

Camaraderie - I'd like my kid to make new friendships forged through the teamwork they share throughout the season.

Courage - The will to win or if s/he is going down in defeat, the will to fight on.

Sportsmanship - Sports do bring out the inner self, e.g., the dirty player, the graceful player, the hustle player. One of my son's isn't such a good sport. I've used like behavior of opponents to show him how ugly his actions look. Its been working.

Lisa J. Cooley's picture
Lisa J. Cooley
School Board member, parent of 2 public school students.

It's also possible that athletics is the only traditional part of public schooling where the "deep practice" necessary for effective skill-building takes place. (See Daniel Coyle's Talent Code) It's also up there with student theatrical productions as an example of PBL in traditional schools.

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