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Junior in High School Flunking, Demoralized...Where to go?

Junior in High School Flunking, Demoralized...Where to go?

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Looking for options for Junior in High School who is flunking classes. He has dyslexia, central auditory processing, inattentive attention deficit. He is currently in his second Catholic school. It is a bad match. Considering homeschool. Considering large public high school (2500 students) where we know the Resource teacher and football coach. Kid is receiving a lesson in humiliation regularly, and I am letting him know how courageous he is for showing up every day and doing his best. The curriculum is dry. It is a grind of endless, mind numbing tasks. There is no creativity, no higher order thinking, no inspiration. Are there schools or online programs for students that can provide the bureaucratic essentials to graduate and an inspirational and challenging curriculum? We live in San Francisco. Please advise. I feel like I am going "where no man has gone before." I

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Vicki Abeles's picture
Vicki Abeles
Producer of the documentary, Race to Nowhere

Have you looked into alternative public high schools that offer self study? We have Venture in the east bay, and I will connect with their principal to see what options might work for SF.

Mary-Helen Rossi's picture
Mary-Helen Rossi
Business Director at Merge Education

Tricia - we have also been there, not only with our daughter who was classified as an "alternative learner" but also with an arts mentoring nonprofit organization we ran for decades before Merge. Many of our students came to our program demoralized, depressed, and either highly drugged (self-medicated or legally) or seriously considering suicide.

Our experience is that many highly talented people can be like a Maserati on a dirt track - essentially sabotaged by their potential. Is he creative? In what way? You may know Leonardo da Vinci was dyslexic. Unfortunately, this is largely uncharted water not because there haven't been thousands of parents who have also been there, but only because so few solutions exist.

Our personal decision was to take our child out of school - we were very glad we did. I really wish you luck in finding your way.

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