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Review of Boost High online game for grades 9-12

Review of Boost High online game for grades 9-12

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I want to share a bit about this online game: ( BoostUp at School is a free, easy-to-implement, supplementary curriculum through which you and your high school students become integral partners in this initiative. This FREE program includes a standards-based Teacher’s Guide and the Boost High Online Game, where students practice their boosting skills and make decisions to help a teen reach graduation. According to the America’s Promise Alliance, one out of every three students fails to graduate from high school. To help combat dropping out, the U.S. Army and The Ad Council have created BoostUp – an integrated nationwide campaign with traditional and interactive elements that empowers teens to support each other to stay in school and graduate. BoostUp at School provides tools and lessons to help you make your classroom and school an environment of support; one in which students help each other stay on track and graduate. You now have a ready-made plan for inspiring students to be active participants in creating a school culture in which all students graduate and go on to lead successful, happy, and healthy lives. I downloaded the Teacher’s Guide which is packed with great resources, project ideas, and helpful curriculum tie-ins. I also registered and went through the process of setting up the online game for a group of home-school students. I liked the flexibility of setting up when/how often they could use/play the game. Choosing avatars was great fun. Students can choose their avatar background story; whether they’re stronger at academics and social life or spend more time with family than studies. Making life decisions for the teen avatar and seeing consequences is such a valuable aspect of this game. The ‘send Boosts’ feature helped the students interact in a supportive and positive way. I hope that it will soon reflect in their behavior toward one another in real life. I can easily see how this program can help improve classroom environments, promote positive interaction, provide 21st century learning skills, and have a positive effect on teens. The free, standards-based curriculum guide and registration for the online game is available at:

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