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Favorite Websites

Favorite Websites

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In response to the "favorite online learning tools," I offer some great sites that I found useful in my teaching of science at a small, private high school. To help keep my bookmarks organized, I love Symbaloo: A very useful collection of math and science lessons are found at Kahn Academy: Wikiversity often offers more than Wikipedia: I don't know why it took me so long to find Stellarium, a free map of constellations, planets, stars and galaxies that is updated in real time for whatever location (e.g., Boston, MA or Kalispell, MT) you enter: Surprising fun can be mined from a website dedicated to warning people of the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide at Everything on the site is factual (except for the serious tone) and it leads to a great discussion on the importance of knowing a little about science and the meaning of "excess ingestion" of any chemical. The Concord Consortium ( has a wide variety of science simulations. I use Photoshop as a hobby, but I find it useful for teaching when I need a specific graphic. There are many places to learn basic Photosop, including Photoshop Magazine and their website ( But a good, free site for a beginner is Science Netlinks (, Scientific American (, and Invention Dimension ( are broadly useful for science teaching. Of course, the National Science Teacher's Association has great resources: I teach some history of the sciences and enjoy for background on chemistry.

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Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi Dr Bob,
Love these sites - I'm working with the science faculty at my school at the moment, so I'm definitely going to be sharing some of these with them.

You also mention photoshop - I know that photoshop can be quite an expensive option for the beginner, as well as challenging to learn (not withstanding your suggested online tutorials), so I was wondering if you had heard of of picnik - it's a free online version that does a little bit of what photoshop does. Have you seen it?

Here 's the link:

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