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Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education

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Hello everybody, Just wondering if there are any other Edutopians out there whose school is using Google's Apps for Education. Recently attended Google Teacher Academy (the first one ever here in Australia!) and I was impressed by the innovative ways that some teachers are using the GAFE products. Originally, I was worried about the terms and conditions of the GAFE products, and particularly who would own the data that was uploaded onto Google, but I was pleased to see that when a school signs up under the Apps for Education approach, all the material and data uploaded remains the property of the school. Also, I was impressed with the way that some of the schools allowed students to transition between each of the apps. Let me give you an example: There were examples of students' work where they had collaboratively researched a project (using Google Books, News Search), created a tour of the important areas (using Google Earth), built a presentation (Google Docs) for a website (Google Sites) before posting the link as part of a google form to the teacher. Seemed very powerful. So who else out there is using it? Keith

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Adam Fort
Touch typing enthusiast and educator

Never tried but after your story will give GAFE products a try.

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