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Where to find an online teaching job?

Where to find an online teaching job?

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I have been taking Masters courses online and I love it! I use the Angel network in my classroom (similar to Blackboard), but I would love to teach classes that are completely online. Where do you start? Where does a teacher find an online school to work for?

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Christina Ingram's picture
Christina Ingram
English teacher and publications adviser

Do you have any idea where to start your search? Most college level courses require a PhD. I would be satisfied just to teach high school level classes online.

CL's picture
Higher Ed

Do a search at Peterson's database of online learning courses. That will give you a list of colleges offering your areas of expertise. (

You can also go to Chronicle of Higher Education and
for the job listings. Many departments keep a file of adjuncts handy for emergencies, so it never hurts to mail your cv.

The drawback to jumping into an online course -- all materials need to be prepared ahead, with copyright clearance and accessibility covered. That can be time-consuming.

Each school might use a different CMS, so allow time to set up your course. It usually takes me a day to set up grades, files, discussions, dropboxes, and assignments in the system, with submission times. (Too much time!) But once it's rolling, it feels wonderfully organized.

Lori Beverage's picture

If you are looking for opportunities to teach K-12 online, check out There are virtual schools in many states and they are always looking for well qualified educators for their students.

Harry Guess's picture
Harry Guess
Technology Director for Kingsway Christian School

If you have a master's degree than you should check out the following: - @One Training
@ONE is supported by a grant from the Chancellor's Office, California Community Colleges
"Certification Program for Instructors - New!
In response to high demand, we have expanded our certification program to include a set program designed around iNACOL's National Standards for Quality Online Teaching, fulfilling the needs of individual instructors. Our certification program is flexible, affordable, and designed to specifically meet the needs of California community college faculty."
Register to Teach at CA Community Colleges at

mihai's picture

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