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Digital Education Research Network - and other useful sites?

Digital Education Research Network - and other useful sites?

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One of the challenging things about teaching in an online mode is that you are 'at the cutting edge', so to speak, and finding examples of best practice can at times seem close to impossible. However, there is hope. Recently, I found this site: which is the site for the Digital Education Research Network. In their words, they are 'a network of researchers scholars, leaders, experts and colleagues interested in research about education and the use of digital technologies to improve teaching, learning and leadership. It focuses mainly on Australian research although not exclusively. DERN is looking for research evidence about good educational and learning practices.' You have to register to look at their work, but after that it's free. I found an excellent post about online vs face to face learning which is very interesting. Hope this helps some of you. A note of caution - it's mostly Austraian-based research, but certainly not all. Keith.

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Henrik Oscarsson's picture
Henrik Oscarsson
Media pedagogue specializing in animation, working in Trollhättan sweden

Interesting, i will have a look at that. Looking for a way to share and discuss ideas.

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi Henrik,
Of course, you're always welcome to share ideas on Edutopia, too! I'd be interesting in hearing what a 'media pedagogue' is, and what kinds of things that you are up to in the classroom.


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