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New Edutopia Schools That Work package on Online Learning

New Edutopia Schools That Work package on Online Learning

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Hello everyone!

Just wanted to make sure you all had seen our latest Schools that Work package, which is all about online learning: check it out here.

Be sure to poke around in there - we have all kinds of resources and tools, downloads, links, videos, tips - and we're always happy for any feedback!

Thanks, Amy

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Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

You beat me to it, Amy. I was about to point out the excellent videos about online learning available on Edutopia, too!

In particular, I found Susan Patrick's ideas very interesting - especially the way that online learning can help meet the needs of classes with limited students. For example, in my school, there are 5 students who want to take an advanced course in Ancient History. Probably a too small a number to run the class efficiently. However, if we can link these students with another 5 from another school, and another 5 from another school in an online learning forum, suddenly it becomes very possible to run that class indeed!

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