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Special Ed Inclusion classrooms in online learning

Special Ed Inclusion classrooms in online learning

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I was recently hired as the HS math inclusion teacher in a pilot special education program at an online school. Since I'm in an entirely new position, I'm having to kind of make things up as I go. I'm loving it (finally talked and worked with a student tonight!) but I would also love to hear if anyone else has any experience with this. Have you done this, or even heard of it being done? If you want some more background you can look at my (very short) blog: Any stories, ideas, tips, or tools would be great! Thanks!

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Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi Christen,
Wow! What a fantastic opportunity! I had a quick look around your blog and also at TRECA. I see that you're using Elluminate, which is a sensational program. I've had a bit of experience using Elluminate, but I've also worked in an online capacity using Moodle and Blackboard, which are both pretty standard.

One program that I have heard getting rave reviews (and I think that it was free, except for maintenance fees) was LAMS. Here's a link:

So tell us, what have your experiences been like so far? What are you finding is successful? What is challenging? Ask the community some specific questions and lets see if we can help answer some of them.

For myself, I always found the BECTA website useful for finding out about online learning. This was a body set up by the UK government to explore technology in schools, including online learning. Here's their website:

Beware, though, that the new government over there recently announced BECTA would not be continuing.

Hope that helps.

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