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Students Let Down by Academic Luddites

Students Let Down by Academic Luddites

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Found this article a while back. I think that it makes for fascinating, if concerning, reading. Although there seems to be a number of unjustified statements (see the comments at the bottom of the article), it still really puts things into perspective when you read, 'The results show that while 72 per cent of respondents used course- management systems such as Blackboard, many did not use any other technology in their academic lives. Some 70 per cent did not use plagiarism-detection software and 84 per cent did not use blogs. In each case, a small percentage claimed not to know that such things existed (see graphic, below).' Personally, I've come across much the same issues in the work that I do at school. How can you expect teachers to work with students on multimedia projects when you find out that they have no facility in creating such projects on their own. It seems like the generation gap is a real issue - many students are more familiar with making films about something than they are with conducting formal pieces of writing, as opposed to their teachers, who might never have made a film in their lives. What do you think?

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