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Online Learning is it the new way to learn?

Online Learning is it the new way to learn?

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Online learning is the best thing that happened to most colleges. For myself I think its the new way to learn in the privacy of you own home . For me online learning helps me to multi task . Being a busy fulltime mother and employee you just dont feel like going to school after work and sit in a three hour class trying to concentrate . Online is the new way to learn and I believe that high schools will be the next to incorporate this type of learning. Not everyone is comfortable in the classroom but in the privacy in their own home they will soar!How do you feel regarding online learning?

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Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi Taborah,
Nice to hear from you. I certainly agree with your enthusiasm regarding online learning. Personally, I like to think of it as a tool. Just like when you are building a bookcase, there might be times when it suits you to use a screwdriver, but there are other times when you might want to use a hammer, so too with online learning and face to face learning.

That's why I think a mixed-mode approach is best, as it caters for everybody's specific needs.

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