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Online learning webinar?

Online learning webinar?

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We are planning our next webinar around the topic of online learning. Would love to hear people's thoughts on what aspects of online learning might be of interest here. Are you interested in curriculum design? Assessment? Online school culture? Challenges of online programs? Please use this thread to share your thoughts. Thanks!

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Verónica Criado's picture
Verónica Criado
ESL Teacher from Uruguay, South America

Curriculum design is THE main concern at my work place. My director (not keen on tech)is kind of worried about the way I integrate technology into my lessons and she is afraid that my students won't learn "the way the should" because of it.

John Faig's picture
John Faig
Computer teacher & technology coordinator

Please explore the idea of PBL in an online course.

Leah MacVie's picture
Leah MacVie
Instructional Designer | Canisius College

With the recent government ed tech draft and research report done within the past year, it's no wonder online learning is being pushed in K-12.

I'm an instructional designer at a local college, and I have pitched the idea of starting a certificate for "online teaching". Since online learning will almost certainly be something teachers have to do in the future, it's important that they are all properly trained. I would to hear views on faculty development/ teacher training ideas.

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

From my side of things, I'd love to hear some ideas about online learning and assessment - how can we take the paper out of the grading process? How can we use Web 2.0 tools to make assessment more of conversation, and less of a test?

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