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Some of my favourite online learning tools...

Some of my favourite online learning tools...

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Okay, here's a brief list of some of the ones that I'm playing around with at the moment: Prezi - great little slideshow software completely web-based. xTranormal - great fun text-to-speech application. Again, completely web based, though you do have to sign in. Dropbox - allows submission of work online! And I can't go past Google Docs, either. Great for collaborative writing. I tried to include some links, but it triggered the spam filter. Should be easy enough to find by doing a search, anyway.

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Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi Brandon and Ida,
Great to hear from you. There are so many examples out there, aren't there? I was show a few others that I hadn't seen before by my colleagues, and I think the two in particular that I share below are brilliant.

Poll Everywhere
This is an audience response system - using phones or computers, people can respond to questions that you ask. It's free for groups of less than 30!

Basically, a game creator - create your own or use the ones already on there. Free, too. I've had great fun with Year 7 with this.

Donna Luna's picture

Yes, we implemented our own curriculum on the Moodle platform for this school year. As with any technology, it has its ups and downs. First, the good thing is it is free and you can upload content, use the gradebook, and upload videos as well. That part is user friendly. What I do find very tedious is the gradebook. It is not very user friendly if you have a large class, say of 40+ students as I do. (I have over 70+ in one class alone.) If you can work with this drawback and the hassle of creating quizzes in the Moodle platform, another long, tedious process, then it is fine. If you are familiar with UDUTU, you may upload SCORMS from UDUTU into Moodle and you may also create quizzes in UDUTU and upload them. That still leaves the tedious process of entering grades for your own created assignments. Let me know how you like the platform and if you find some easier way to use that gradebook!

Eyal Kaminka, Phd.'s picture
Eyal Kaminka, Phd.
Leading Educator at Joytunes

For those of you that use the musical resources of JoyTunes, great news:
They have just started a new free service of 'Students Progress Report' - useful information on how long and how well your students practiced at home, what melodies, etc.
Check out the teachers' site and the report !

Yongcheng Li's picture
Yongcheng Li
Be creative in nurturing students' curiosity and passion in learning.

Wisteme ( is a useful online resource for middle/high school teachers and students. It is a knowledge site organized by questions and answers mostly related to various topics in science (around 25 thousand well organized, no-duplicated questions/answers). Not only does reading the answers are useful, but one will find that just browsing the questions themselves can be inspiring and curiosity-stimulating.

Richard Wood's picture

You may also like to consider this free online resource for students of all ages to play and practice spelling. Students can also raise funds for their school, college or university only if they wish.

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randy koval
Founder of NW Teachers' Learning Center

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Rabia's picture
manager in school

I look forward to know some effective strategies to integrate technology in grade 1 classroom, I am teaching English

Rabia's picture
manager in school

glad to hear this, I also use Edmodo platform for students and parents both. It provides opportunities for communication, collaboration and creativity for all.

Rabia's picture
manager in school

My most favourite digital tools are tablets , digi cameras, allinone computers
wordles, QR codes, padlet are quite user friendly for students

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