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How was your week?

How was your week?

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Hello All,

Been awhile since I've been able to post here, but hope all of you have been well!

Just want to catch up with those who may have missed our most recent New Teacher Chat discussions.

Here are the most recent Archives of #ntchat on a Pinterest Board (still looking to upload 9/25/13)

Don't forget that we have a group on FB

And on Google Plus:

Remember that there are many folks that are eager to support you here and on the social media spots I listed.

Hope your week went well and enjoy the weekend!


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Martin Richards's picture
Martin Richards
I train educators to use a coaching approach in their teaching practice

It has been an amazing seven days. In fact it's been an amazing seven years.

Since 2007, I have been advocating and promoting the idea that teachers need and deserve supportive feedback from educational coaches regarding professional development. Until now this has been a service reserved for those schools and teachers who could afford it.

That changed on Friday 11th October when the Swedish National Agency for Education decided to follow through on its decision to provide observation and coaching for teachers in selected and needy schools. The funds come from the EU. There are eight educational coaches who cover the three main towns in Sweden.

Between November and the summer break, up to one hundred teachers will get the professional support they need and deserve. This means that literally thousands of students will benefit from re-energised, confident and supportive teachers.

I look forward to reporting back here at regular intervals about the progress that's being made.

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