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First Few Days of School

First Few Days of School

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I'm a second year teacher who is starting fresh after a hectic first year. I'm trying to ease my mind a bit by trying to create a list of routines that I want to integrate into my classroom this year. I would introduce these routines and practice them over the first few days on school. Last year, I explained rules and went over classroom procedures, are there any ways to jazz this up? My school is really into stations and I thinking of introducing the station model while creating getting-to-know-the-classroom-or-teacher type activities at each station. Any thoughts? How do you get kids excited about middle school English on the very first day?

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Lisa Dabbs's picture
Lisa Dabbs
Educational Consultant. Author. Speaker. Blogger.

Hi Jessica,
This is a great question! We had an awesome new teacher chat last night on this topic: Planning for the First Days of School. Take a look at the archive and I know you will get some amazing ideas:
I also have a Pinterest Board with resources:

Let me know if you find an idea that supports you!

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First Grade Teacher from U.A.E.

I'll go for ice breakers. grade six students are semi teenagers and care a lot about their social life. so I think if they make friends and feel secured, they are going to participate more in setting the rules and abide them.

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