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Hello and a Question about Admin

Hello and a Question about Admin

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Hi Lisa,

I just watched "The New Teacher Tool Kit Webinar" and loved it! I am pre-service teacher that will start teaching full-time in the fall. I was wondering if you have advice on how much support to ask for from administrators before the start of the school year. My school is a nonpublic special education school that has a great environment for creativity, but not for structure. I have a conditional license so I didn't go through all of my educational coursework before teaching (I have two years to get them while teaching). My admin have not given me any curriculum guidelines or book suggestions. Should I go ahead and plan a year, or wait till after orientation to ask about what they want me to teach?


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Lisa Dabbs
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Hi Amelia.

So great to hear from you and that you enjoyed my "The New Teacher Tool Kit" Webinar! Congrats on your new position. Your question "how much support to ask for from administrators before the start of the school year" is a good one. As a former elementary school principal I would encourage you to ask for all the support that you can! Having said that, I would be sure to prepare a list of about 5 questions that you feel are the most pressing in terms of your new role at your special education school. Be sure to be as specific as you can so that your admin can respond with clear advice. Take good notes and save them for future reference in a notebook or in an on-line system such as Evernote. Lastly, if you are able, you may want to consider emailing your questions to your admin, so they have time to gather info to share with you.
I would definitely plan ahead for the school year. You can always revise as you go along, but having a "blue print" for your first year will be critical to your success.
Let me know how it goes and thanks for sharing your question here at Edutopia!

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