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Blog, Twitter, Online group?

Blog, Twitter, Online group?

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Hello! After doing the long-term sub gig since graduation, I finally have an actual contracted teacher position! Yay! I've thought about writing on a blog about my reflections of a new teacher, but yeah, waaaaay to busy for that. There seems to be times (like now) where I have a few minutes and I think I would love to talk to someone about my experiences. Is this the place to do it or do you all think Twitter is the way to go? I still haven't got the hang of that plus I've got my twitter account intertwined with some of my hobbies, don't know if that makes sense, but just reiterates the fact that I haven't got the hang of Twitter yet. Just thought I'd put this out here to see what others are doing. I find that my actual classroom time is wonderful, I am 100% enjoying every minute of it, however the planning stresses me out to no end. I am in a charter school and we have a lot of freedom with our lessons and the curriculum which on one hand is awesome and the other hand scary as heck! Also I am an "older" new teacher which I think has its advantages as in patience and classroom management but disadvantages as I have a family to take care of and can't just be a teacher 24/7. Hope to hear from you! ~Robin

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Elizabeth Peterson's picture
Elizabeth Peterson
teacher, author, consultant, founder of The Inspired Classroom

Let's face it, once you start you really can't stop! So pick which feels the best for you to start with whether it be Twitter or this social format. Once you get checking Twitter under wraps and you are more comfortable with your new school and the curriculum I would definitely advise you to start a blog. Blogging as a teacher can be one of the most valuable things you do. And when you add that to your Twitter and other social avenues, you can really get some of the best possible professional development.

Doing all this with a family is hard and stressful! I get it, I'm living it. But if your heart is truly in it, it can be a great release for you. We are all here online to help and support one another. Having a PLN such a great thing!

I hope that was helpful. I'd be more than willing to chat more.

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